I Love Making God’s Word Come Alive

At one point I convinced myself I would rather be behind a computer than on stage holding a mic, but I was wrong. I think I was just afraid to try. Now, one of the things I enjoy most in life is speaking.

Be it at to our home church, a women’s ministry conference, or on a college campus—I simply love making God’s Word come alive by sharing the beautiful message He’s put in my heart with clarity and transparency.

What Others Are Saying

“We absolutely loved having Sarah speak at our Sigma Phi Lambda retreat. Her willingness to transparently share the Lord’s love through her own personal experiences was tremendously impactful. She met the girls in our chapter where they were at in a wide variety of spiritual maturity levels and spoke truth which encouraged them to be vulnerable with their peers like we have never seen before as a group. Even weeks later, our girls are still talking about what they learned from Sarah! We were tremendously blessed by her message and her story.”

Lauren Selph, Chaplin
OSU Sigma Phi Lambda

“Sarah Blount is truly one of my favorites to listen to. She brings so much life to the word and I ALWAYS walk away with a fresh revelation of who I am in Christ, what I’m capable of because of the cross and the heavenly help I can tap into anytime I need it. She is gracious and fierce all at the same time. She is real, funny and light hearted, but the strength she preaches with drives the message home. Her testimony impacts me differently every time I hear it. The message she brings is not just for women, but for all people of all ages.”

Aubrey Oaks, Worship Leader

“In February of 2015 I had a miscarriage. I really felt like it was God repaying me for the years of sin that I had in my past. I was so bitter and angry with God but I never told anyone. Instead of running to God, I totally shut him out. Last night, after hearing a message from Sarah on shame, I told a good friend the bitterness that I had been carrying and the shame that I had for feeling that way. Later that night, I finally asked God for forgiveness. I finally feel like I can go on and start to really heal, not just try to ignore my hurt and pretend that it doesn’t exist. I’m thankful that Sarah shared her story, so I could share mine.”

Attendee, Closer To Your Heart, OKC

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