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  • A Disciplined Life In God

    What measurable goals are you setting? How will you keep yourself accountable? And how can you improve your spiritual health?

  • Ruthless

    Don't catch feels for your flesh, be like your spiritual momma, and stand up for your spirit!

  • Spirit + Life + Linguistics

    If you'll accept this holy burden to speak spirit and life and allow Jesus to be your teacher, you can…

  • When Friends Aren’t Fluent In Your Love Language

    God wants to meet you right where you are at and minister love to you in the exact, perfect way…

  • Critical Condition: Overcoming a Negative Outlook

    How do we condition our hearts to see and celebrate God’s goodness instead of being negative?

  • Sending Your Christian Kids To Public School

    What would our schools look like if every classroom had a handful of kids who understood their God-given purpose?

  • Not Today: How To Fight The Fight

    When we don’t resist the devil, we are engaged in a meeting of the minds with someone who seeks to…

  • The Root Of Worry

    Worry is not cute. Worry is not our friend. Worry is not to be embraced or excused.

  • Always Singing A New Song

    MERCY is a word that I’ve heard all my life: on the playground, while watching Full House...

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