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Sarah is committed to helping people become more aware of God’s everyday goodness. After giving birth to her son Felix, stillborn, in 2012, she started her blog, 10K Reasons. She has helped many women who have lost babies find comfort in choosing gratitude over grief.

In September of 2015. Sarah and her husband, Josh, stepped out in faith, moved to a new land, and pioneered New Song Church in Oklahoma City where they co-pastor and desire to see people come to really know God. Sarah is also the founder of HIS, the women’s ministry of New Song and loves playing a part in helping women discover their God-given purposes. Sarah and Josh, have been married for nearly fourteen years and have three larger than life children—Gus, Beau, and Sunny.

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  • I never, ever, ever miss breakfast.
  • I wanted to be a children’s author when I was in elementary school.
  • Pie is my love language, specifically, Coconut Cream from Pie Junkie.
  • Belieber.
  • Calendars, planners, schedules, and routine make me happy.
  • My life was forever changed when Wal-Mart created online grocery pickup.
  • Fun Date Night = good food, good movie, and the BEST company.
  • I have a miniature schnauzer named Ellis. He has a Mohawk.
  • Chris Pratt re-tweeted me!! For real!!
  • I am way too good at Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo.
  • Team Jess.
  • I take my job as homeroom mom very seriously.
  • My kids have an imaginary friend name Leonard that they love to pester me with.
  • I wholeheartedly believe that Disneyland IS the happiest place on earth.

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