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How To Lead Your Children To Christ E-book

Featuring a step by step guide, sample prayers, and a spiritual birth certificate template.


24 Lunch Box Cards

Designed with intentional parents in mind. Download, print, and get ready to encourage, inspire, and share the love with your favorite little humans.


12 Prayers for Parents E-book

Includes a prayer for wisdom, trust, awakening, strength, commitment, and more.

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20% off Discipleship On The Go Cards

36 scriptures (one for every week of the school year!) designed to help children meditate and memorize God’s Word, and initiate meaningful conversations between parents and kids.

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I can't thank you enough for your interest in joining the Fearless Parenting launch team.

I believe in this message with all of my heart. I wrote the book at a local coffee shop—fueled by green tea lattes and the Holy Spirit. Every Monday and Wednesday for three months I would sit down, open my laptop and let the words supernaturally fill page after page. It was as if God's heart for parents who want to raise faithful kids was bubbling over, and I was the vessel there to catch it.

I knew as I was writing that this was a special book. It's different than a lot of books geared toward Christian's these days, because it's not me-focused, it's next-generation focused. I know from experience, we grow more and learn more about who we are in Christ when we center on others rather than ourselves.

My vision for Fearless Parenting's reach is BIG, and the more ambassadors of this message I have, the better. I need a team of people who will champion this message—who will pray for and promote this book as if it were their own.

Don't join the launch team because you believe in me, join the launch team because you also believe in this message! Join the launch team because you want to see parents all over the globe encouraged, challenged, and equipped to fearlessly raise Godly kids in this ungodly world.

To join the launch team, let me know how to contact you:

  • (So we can invite you to the private launch group.)
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